Users running iOS 16.1 complain about their Wi-Fi randomly disconnecting

Apple released iOS 16.1 last week with Live ActivitiesiCloud Shared Photo Library, and more. Following the update, numerous users took to social media to complain about their Wi-Fi randomly disconnecting on iOS 16.1.

Reports about iOS 16.1 Wi-Fi connectivity issues surface online

Reports about iOS 16.1 Wi-Fi connectivity issues surface online

Since the update was released, users have taken to Reddit, Twitter, and even the Apple Support community forums to share the Wi-Fi connectivity issues they have been facing.

The main theme among all the reports is that iOS 16.1 is causing the Wi-Fi connectivity of iPhones to drop and reconnect every few seconds. This happens constantly throughout the day. Users have tried several fixes such as a network reset and even resetting their iPhones but the issue unfortunately persists.

One user did share a fix on the Apple Support community forums but that has also been a hit or miss. 

Settings > Privacy > Location Services 

Click on Location Services at the top of the list (make sure that they are turned on).

Scroll to the bottom of the list, then tap System Services

Turn OFF Networking & Wireless (or Wi-Fi Networking)

The disconnect/reconnect cycle for your Wifi should be gone

Earlier this week, Apple released the first beta build for iOS 16.2 to developers with support for its new Freeform app. The update is expected to arrive in Later November. Hopefully, the update will also include a fix for the Wi-Fi connectivity issues that users on iOS 16.1 are facing since the issue seems to be impacting a significant number of iPhone owners.

Note that Apple has yet to acknowledge the issue.

The rollout of iOS 16 has been far from smooth. Earlier in October, Apple released iOS 16.0.3 with a bunch of bug fixes for the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro. The update included fixes for delayed notifications, low microphone volume during CarPlay use, slow camera launch, and the Mail app crashing with a malformed email address.

Prior to that, Apple released iOS 16.0.2 with fixes for a bunch of issues including the iPhone 14 Pro’s shaky camera in third-party apps, copy-paste, VoiceOver not working, and more.

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