Here are the apps that support Live Activities on Lock Screen and Dynamic Island

Apple today released iOS 16.1 with Live Activities, iCloud Shared Photo Library, and more. Live Activities live on the Lock screen of your iPhone as a widget that displays real-time information, allowing you to quickly check the score of a sports game or how much time a food delivery order will take.

Check out our list of third-party apps that have been updated to support iOS 16.1 Live Activities and Dynamic Island. You will find an app for everything on this list, Live Activities for checking the weather, tracking a flight, looking at directions, and more.

Live Activities Sports

iOS 16.1 adds support for Live Activities on Lock Screen and Dynamic Island to iPhone

Forest: Focus for Productivity

Forest is a productivity app that helps you to battle phone addiction and overcome distraction. The latest update for Forest now offers support for Live Activities and Dynamic Island, allowing users to track their stats in real time. 

Download Forest: Focus for Productivity from the App Store here.

CARROT Weather: Alerts & Radar

With iOS 16.1, CARROT Weather will show a new “Rain Starting Soon” Live Activity which will allow users to track the progress of a storm through the Lock Screen or the ‌Dynamic Island‌.

CARROT Live Activity

Download CARROT Weather from the App Store here.

Structured – Daily Planner

Structured is a daily planner app aimed at people who require more than calendars and to-do lists to be productive. The app helps you maximize productivity by laying out every task that you need to tackle throughout the day. 

With iOS 16.1, Structured will display a new Live Activity countdown on your lock screen. For iPhone 14 Pro Max users, the remaining time of the task will be shown on the Dynamic Island.


Download Structured from the App Store here.

FotMob – Soccer Live Scores

The latest version of FotMob supports Live Activities and the Dynamic Island. You can now view live scores directly from your lock screen and in the Dynamic Island. 

Download FotMob from the App Store here.

Crouton: Cooking Companion

Crouton is a meal-planning and recipe-organizing app for those of you that love to cook. Alongside numerous improvements made to the user interface, the latest version of Crouton allows users to track their recipe timers and steps straight from the Dynamic Island and Lock Screen.


Download Crouton from the App Store here.

Posture Pal – Improve & Alert

Posture Pal, which works using AirPods, is an app that is meant to help you improve your neck and shoulder posture without using a separate tracking device. The app now allows you to view your active session directly from the Lock Screen or Dynamic Island.

Posture Pal

Download Posture Pal from the App Store here.


Lumy allows users to track the sun. This is helpful if you want to plan yoga sessions, a hike, or even if you want to take golden hour pictures. Lumy now allows users to keep track of any sun event directly in the Lock Screen and Dynamic Island.


Download Lumy from the App Store here.

Sticky Timers and Countdowns 

Sticky Timers allows you to keep track of multiple timers at the same time from the Dynamic Island or from your Lock screen as a Live Activity.

Sticky Timers

Download Sticky Timers and Countdowns from the App Store here.

Other apps that support Live Activities on Lock Screen and Dynamic Island

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