Unity launches tools to help developers build XR apps for Apple Vision Pro

Unity has officially launched tools to help developers build XR apps for Apple Vision Pro. This is a major development for the XR industry, as it will make it easier for developers to create immersive and interactive experiences that blend the digital and physical worlds.

Unity Apple Vision Pro

Developers can create immersive experiences with Unity’s PolySpatial Technology

Unity’s official launch of tools for Apple Vision Pro XR app development marks a pivotal moment in the industry. Let’s dissect these tools and understand their potential.



This innovative technology lies at the heart of the integration. It acts as the translator, enabling seamless interaction between your meticulously crafted 3D content and the real world captured by Apple’s LiDAR scanner and spatial mapping features. Imagine virtual furniture perfectly adapting to your room’s dimensions or interactive diagrams effortlessly overlaying physical objects. PolySpatial makes such immersive experiences a reality.

AR Foundation

Think of AR Foundation as your construction kit for AR experiences. It empowers you with:

  • Plane detection and tracking: Anchor digital elements to real-world surfaces like floors and tables, ensuring they stay grounded and responsive.
  • Point cloud access: Leverage the detailed 3D point cloud data captured by the LiDAR scanner for precise object placement and interaction.
  • Lighting estimation: Match the virtual elements’ lighting to the real environment for a natural and cohesive look.

XR Interaction Toolkit

This toolkit goes beyond visuals, focusing on how users interact with your AR creations. It provides:

  • Raycast and raycast interceptors: Detect user touches or gestures on virtual objects, enabling natural interactions.
  • Manipulation tools: Scale, rotate, and translate virtual objects intuitively using familiar gestures.
  • UI interaction: Design menus, buttons, and other UI elements specifically for AR contexts, ensuring user-friendliness.

If you are interested in developing XR apps for Apple Vision Pro, you can get started by downloading the latest version of Unity and installing the visionOS build target. You can also find more information on Unity’s website.

The launch of Unity’s tools for Apple Vision Pro is a major step forward for the XR industry. It is likely that we will see a surge in new and innovative XR apps in the coming years. If you are a developer, now is the time to start learning about XR development so that you can be part of this exciting new field.

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