Vision Pro battery life: 2.5 hours general use, 3 hours 9 minutes 3D video

Apple’s much-anticipated Vision Pro headset is set to hit the market on February 2, creating a buzz as the tech giant’s major product launch since the Apple Watch in 2015. The mixed reality capabilities of the Vision Pro have been well-received, but recent reviews shed light on some crucial aspects, particularly its battery life and design choices.

Vision Pro

Vision Pro offers impressive battery life, but you can’t change batteries on the go

The initial promise from Apple indicated up to two hours of battery life, with an additional 30 minutes for 2D video playback. However, real-world tests, notably by YouTuber Brian Tong, reveal that the Vision Pro surpasses expectations. Tong achieved nearly 2.5 hours of general usage and successfully watched the three-hour epic, Avengers: Endgame, on a single charge. The detailed breakdown of battery statistics, such as 3 hours and 9 minutes of 3D video playback and 1 hour and 30 minutes for a full recharge, adds granularity to the user experience.

Despite exceeding initial expectations for battery life, the Vision Pro has a notable limitation: the inability to hot-swap batteries. You must completely shut down the device before changing the battery pack. This design choice, while aiming to prevent accidental power loss, does introduce a brief interruption to your activity. However, the boot-up process takes under a minute, minimizing the inconvenience.

The Vision Pro stands out for its external battery pack, a shift away from traditional internal batteries. This design choice grants users the advantage of an extended lifespan by allowing for easy replacement. However, it trades convenience for weight, as the external battery adds around 300g to the headset. While the absence of an internal battery likely aims to minimize weight, it also paves the way for future possibilities like hot-swapping batteries and achieving a fully wireless experience.

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Reviews have drawn attention to a curious detail: the Vision Pro’s external battery pack, despite its size and weight, houses a rather modest 3,166 mAh capacity. MKBHD’s unboxing video even revealed that the pack outweighs some smartphones with a larger 5,000 mAh battery. While Apple claims a usage range of 2 to 3 hours, this disparity raises concerns about the capacity’s efficiency and potential for improvement in future models.

As the Vision Pro hits the market, there is speculation about future improvements. Apple might enhance the external battery pack’s capacity in subsequent models, incorporating more power-efficient chips and components. This could potentially extend the device’s battery life beyond the initial projections. Real-world usage will be the ultimate test, and users eagerly await further insights once the Vision Pro becomes widely available.

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