WhatsApp web to introduce Chat Lock feature for improved security

WhatsApp, one of the leading messaging platforms globally, is set to introduce a highly anticipated feature to its web version – Chat Lock. While users have been enjoying the benefits of chat locking on mobile devices, WhatsApp web and desktop app users are eagerly awaiting this additional layer of privacy and security for their conversations.

WhatsApp web Chat Lock

For those unfamiliar with the feature, Chat Lock on the WhatsApp mobile app lets users lock individual chats, hiding them from the chat screen and allowing access only through the screen lock.

Chat Lock on WhatsApp web conceals chats in a separate folder, accessible only with a passcode

Currently, WhatsApp web and the desktop app lack certain features available on the mobile app, with the absence of the Chat Lock feature being a notable example. Chat Lock, a feature allowing users to lock individual chats and hide them within a separate folder, has been a much-requested addition to the web version.

According to a report by WABetaInfo, the latest update provides a glimpse of the Chat Lock icon in the sidebar of WhatsApp web, indicating its imminent arrival. The inclusion of this feature will allow users to access locked chats on the web client, adding a new layer of privacy to their conversations. The screenshot reveals a padlock icon in the sidebar, suggesting a dedicated tab for locked chats on the web.

WhatsApp Chat Lock

The introduction of Chat Lock on WhatsApp web brings several advantages in terms of privacy and security. Users often engage in discussions involving personal, confidential, or sensitive information that they wish to safeguard from unauthorized access. Chat Lock on the web will allow users to enhance security, particularly when using WhatsApp web near others, ensuring privacy for specific conversations.

This move by WhatsApp is seen as a step towards establishing a consistent and standardized security feature across various devices and platforms. The synchronization of locked chats across all platforms emphasizes WhatsApp’s commitment to delivering a secure messaging experience, highlighting the company’s dedication to user trust, privacy, and consistency.

The feature is still under development for WhatsApp web, with the method for accessing the locked chat tab yet to be finalized. Speculation suggests it may involve a secure passcode or the passkey system recently added to WhatsApp.

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