Unofficial HTC TouchFlo3D theme for jailbroken iPhones

IMG_0075[3]ObsessionXYZ over at ModMyi forums seems to be very impressed with the TouchFlo3D UI. So much that, he’s working on creating a theme for the iPhone which faithfully recreates the animated and rich user experience that the UI offers. To accomplish this feat, he has gone to great extents such as rewriting a lot of code. So far he has been able to create the animated clock and weather widget with tap to update capability. Check out the video demo after the jump for a sneak peak.

to begin, YES i know there is tons of this modded theme here, but none has satisfied me.
so i have rewritten the alot of codes and combined various javascripts to make this work.
ok the theme now, it has a working animated flipclock, and animated weather, so far the same as others, but, this one you can actually tap on to update. which is the way i want it.
i have recreate all weather elements myself, and compare to the original (Weather Elements v3) the file size was huge, mine is only 5MB big, (the whole theme)
as for the animated flipclock, that also have i recreated the images.

His goal is to keep the theme lightweight as well as animated like the original TouchFlo3D UI. The work on the theme isn’t done yet, neither has been there a public release. The latest update from the theme maker is that he wants to add favorite apps beneath the clock/weather widget and make theme animate in a ‘slide up’ fashion just like on the HTC HD2.

im trying to incorperate Jquery script and iframes so that its actually will be a useful homescreen.
so far i have got it to work on the Mac but some 404 messages on the phone.
the goal is to have your favorite apps “slide-up” as the original HD2, with animation to it aswell.
due to the transparency issues with the weather animation images it will be released with the default wallpaper as seen below.

We’ll be keeping a close eye on the progress of this theme and we’ll update you as soon as there’s a public release.

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