Windows Phone 7 theme for iPhone released!

Although there’s a slight problem. It’s only available in Polish language since that’s the theme creator’s native language. If you remember correctly, we had covered this theme earlier when it was just a work in progress. This theme is a must have for all those who love Windows Phone 7 but use an iPhone because let’s face it, it’s just so much better. Jokes aside, this theme looks really good and provides an almost exact replica of the experience you’ll get on a Windows 7 Phone home screen sans the animations. The tiles, icons and start menu are all there.

Windows_7_Mobile_Theme_REALESE_by_woocash_kunAs usual, for an iPhone theme, you’re required to have a jailbroken iPhone and Winterboard installed. Apart from that, there’s a long list of apps you must have on Cydia and a fair bit of customization that you must do to get this theme up and running. Since this theme is in Polish, we’re not sure if we’ll be able to create a guide for it, but if we do, you’ll know.

Here’s what Woocash, creator of this theme has to say:

Windows 7 Mobile Theme by Woocash ver. 1.3
You must have:
– root… I mean jailbreak
– inifidock
– iconoclasm
– winterboard
– recommended apps from screens (I made icons for them, f.ex: palringo :))
– iblank
– SBsettings
– springjumps
– I think that’s all
– all editions (lol XD)
What you must do:
– iconoclasm settings like on the Iconoclasm.PNG
– Infiniboard same as in Infiniboard.PNG
– download from Cydia Lockscreen Clock Hide
– download from Cydia SB Hidden StatusBar
iBLueNova & SBSettings apps’s theme in this folder.
Others things are include in theme (I think so XD’)

Here’s a video of the theme in action:

The theme can be downloaded from here. If you get it to work, do share some screenshots with us. If you’re an iPhone themer, we’d love to have an English version of this theme, please! Smile

(Please visit the updated WP7 iPhone theme post given below)

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