Windows Phone 7 Series theme for the iPhone is in the works

I always used to search for a Windows Mobile 6.5 theme for my iPod Touch, but never found one. I don’t know why but I guess designers don’t like that user interface so bringing it to the iPhone never appealed them. It’s the other way around with Windows Phone 7 Series though – months before its release, themes are being made for all other platforms such as Windows 7 and now the iPhone. Woocash from DeviantART is working on the WP7S theme for the iPhone titled Windows 7 Mobile Theme.

Windows Phone 7 Series theme for the iPhone by Woocash

The icons, lockscreen and the start menu are all functional. It even has workings panoramic pages for different apps!

Here’s a a video of the theme in action:

Windows Phone 7 Series theme for iPhone

It’ll work only on jailbroken phones, so check out our jailbreak guides here. The theme isn’t available for download yet. Stay tuned, we’ll let you know as soon as it is!

[via WMPoweruser]

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