Mac OSX 10.7 won’t have iPhone like App Store says Steve Jobs

The App Store for the iPhone is just an amazing place to hunt for apps for your iPhone, everything is categorized the way we want it, and we were wondering whether Mac would get an App Store like iPhone’s as well. Steve nailed this one by saying “Nope”.

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Steve really knows how to kill the excitement by being straight forward in his Emails. So there will be no Mac App Store. Well, not exactly sad but thinking if Mac would get an App Store, wouldn’t that just be awesome? Finding the right software for your Mac would’ve been a breeze! The App Store for the iPhone is an all-in-one place to find anything you want!  [via 9to5Mac]


  1. Steve isn’t saying that there will not be an App Store in OS X .7.

    He’s answering a question with two parts:

    1) Mac App store
    2) only able to run programs purchased through it.

    Steve’s “nope” leaves open the possibility of the first occurring without the second.

  2. I hope not :/ there's been a lot of outbreaks in the iTunes store itself, people's accounts getting hacked and all. what'd happen if there's a mac app store.. :/

    I don't wanna get hacked again… last time, my credit card was charged for $975 for songs I didn't even bought

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