Telegram is updated with new video stickers, reactions and more for iOS

The private messaging app, Telegram has been updated with new features like video stickers, reactions, and more for iOS. 

During WhatsApp’s privacy controversy, Telegram gained immense popularity and gained millions of users because it offers an interactive, fast, and secure messaging service. Users’ chats are also automatically synced across all their devices. 

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Telegram now allows users to send and create fun video stickers, and be more expressive on iOS 

The updated Telegram app makes users’ experience on the platform more interactive and fun. to make the conversation more enjoyable, users can send detailed stickers, create new ones, and also import their favorite stickers from other apps. 

In addition, the app now allows users to be more expressive with redesigned reaction animations, see real-time reactions in chats, and more. To enjoy the new features make sure to update the app to the latest 8.5.1 version via App Store. The release notes read:

Video Stickers

• Use a new type of detailed stickers with smooth animations.

• Create new sets by sending .webm videos to @stickers.

• Bring your custom animated stickers from other apps.

Better Reactions

• See smaller, compact animations when reacting to messages.

• Press and hold an emoji in the reaction menu to send a bigger animation.

• See real-time animations in chat when a user reacts to your message.

• React with additional emoji expressing love, appreciation, anger or surprise.

Read Status for Reactions

• Tap the new button in chats to jump to your messages that have unseen reactions.

• Watch the animations for unseen reactions play when you hit the button.

Navigate Recent Chats

• Quickly return to a specific chat after following links to other chats or jumping to the next unread channel.

• Long-press the Back button to choose which chat to return to.

Telegram app

Download the Telegram app from the App Store for free. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch and requires iOS 9.0 or later and iPadOS 9.0 or later, respectively. 

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