New Carrot Weather brings fun mini-games, better weather forecast, redesigned UI and more

The Popular Carrot Weather app has received a major update which includes new Lock Screen widgets, custom layouts for users, an Apple weather kit, and more.

CARROT Weather is a powerful and privacy-conscious weather app that delivers hilariously twisted forecasts. It is the winner of Apple’s App of the Year, Apple Design Award, and App Store Editors’ Choice. In October, iOS 16.1 added Live Activities support for the Lock Screen and Dynamic Island on iPhone 14 Pro models only.

Carrot Weather app

Here is everything new on Carrot Weather 5.9

The app has added a new hilarious CARROT  AI and mini-games called bonding activities. Users can improve their relationship by completing several tasks in mini-games, for example, she asks you to charge her power, praise her using your voice, and debug her code. The app also provides an inventory in which you can store the gifts received from CARROT, then you can combine the gifts to make new items. And if you build a good bond with CARROT, you can even start a romance with her for your entertainment.

CARROT now supports Live Activities for all weather predictions and keeps the track of a rain or storm’s entire duration from your lock screen and Dynamic Island.

New layout 3.0 is released with a perfect design of the layout screen. The new Layout Gallery helps users find their perfect layout using interactive, scrollable previews, and editing the layouts created by users has never been easier.

Live Activities - carrot weather app

As demanded by many users an “Inline” Layout is also added, which is full of vertical charts, data point pickers, and expanding inline daily details.

The new wind Particles feature offers animated wind particles to users’ weather maps and is perfect for helping users to visualize major weather events like hurricanes.

Download the CARROT Weather app from App Store. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch and requires iOS 13.0 or later. However, Live Activities requires iOS 16.1 or newer.

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