Use 2 SIMS at a Time with this Transparent iPhone 4 dual-SIM case

We don’t think anybody would normally need to use two SIM cards with their phone, but in case you want to use your iPhone 4 with two of them, then the new iPhone 4 dual SIM case is just for you. This transparent case for iPhone 4 does not look pretty but it has a clever feature that allows you to use two SIM cards instead of one. Although you can not use both the SIM cards at the same time, it makes it easy for the user to toggle between them using menu settings.


Each SIM is climbed into a special adopter that snakes round the side of iPhone 4 into the regular SIM tray. The transparent plastic shell keeps every thing in place and safe.


This case may come handy to many iPhone 4 users but still I would prefer an opaque case which would hide the two SIM cards which, quiet frankly, makes it look ugly with the current transparent case. If you want to buy this dual SIM case for your iPhone, it’s available for just $29.

[via Gizmodo]

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