Use Dusk app for X/Twitter on Apple Vision Pro

Since Apple Vision Pro doesn’t have a native X app, Dusk, a third-party alternative, offers a familiar and visually appealing way to experience the social media platform.

Introducing Dusk: a better Twitter/X experience for Vision Pro that feels right at home.

Dusk app

Dusk: Sleek design, seamless experience

Vision Pro has several accessible apps and experiences. Still, the missing piece for many users has been a seamless way to connect and engage on X. While there might be unofficial workarounds, they often come with limitations or lack the polish of a dedicated app. Dusk solves this problem by offering a refined and accessible solution.

It’s not just any other Twitter app. This application is meticulously designed to improve the Twitter experience on Apple Vision Pro devices. It was created to combine functionality with elegance, giving users a polished interface that seamlessly integrates with the advanced capabilities of Vision Pro.


Beyond its aesthetic appeal, users can enjoy all the core features they expect from X on Vision Pro. This includes:

  • Browsing your timeline: Stay updated on the latest tweets, retweets, and replies from the people you follow.
  • Checking notifications: Never miss a beat with easy access to your notifications, keeping you informed about mentions, messages, and other X activity.
  • Managing lists and bookmarks: Organize your X experience by accessing and managing your custom lists and saved bookmarks directly through the app.

Optimized for Apple Vision Pro

Dusk leverages the cutting-edge features of Apple Vision Pro to deliver an unparalleled Twitter experience. Whether it’s leveraging advanced display technology for crisp visuals or harnessing the power of machine learning for enhanced accessibility features, it is finely tuned to make the most of Vision Pro’s capabilities.

Dusk is conveniently available for $3.99 on the App Store, making it easily accessible to millions of users worldwide. With just a few taps, users can download Dusk onto their Apple Vision Pro devices and dive into the world of Twitter with unparalleled ease and convenience.

Free and premium versions

Additionally, Dusk offers both free and premium versions of the app, catering to users with different needs and preferences. The free version provides essential Twitter functionality, while the premium version unlocks additional features and customization options for users who desire a more tailored experience.

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