Some Vision Pro users face cracked glass in the middle of the headset, raising durability concerns

Apple’s entry into mixed reality with the Vision Pro headset has been met with both anticipation and scrutiny. However, recent reports from a subset of users highlight an unexpected challenge: cracked glass on their devices. Despite careful handling and storage, these cracks appear seemingly out of nowhere, raising questions about the headset’s durability and manufacturing quality.

Vision Pro crack

Vision Pro owners left frustrated by cracked glass and uncertain warranty coverage

Multiple reports on Reddit and other online forums detail the emergence of hairline cracks on the front cover glass of Apple Vision Pro headsets. These cracks typically manifest above the nose bridge, suggesting a common point of tension. While the exact cause remains uncertain, theories range from pressure exerted during strap adjustment to potential overheating issues.

Photos shared by affected users depict clean, vertical splits in the glass, reminiscent of a stress fracture. The similarity in appearance and location among various incidents indicates a potential pattern rather than isolated occurrences. Despite the limited number of reported cases compared to the total units sold, the consistency of these complaints warrants attention.

In a Reddit thread focusing on the issues, numerous users have shared images of the crack as well as their experiences:

Vision Pro crack 2

Vision Pro crack

For users encountering this issue, the repercussions extend beyond mere inconvenience. Repair costs, especially without AppleCare coverage, are significant, with fees ranging from $300 to $800. Moreover, the uncertainty regarding warranty coverage adds to the frustration of affected individuals seeking resolution from Apple Support.

I had this same thing happen and took it to my nearest Apple store yesterday. They basically told me the same thing of paying the AppleCare deductible to get it fixed. I opted for now to just leave it as I saw the other person who mentioned getting theirs replaced. This is obviously an issue where it happens in the exact same spot, so I’m hopeful that with enough reports of this that it will become easier to get it replaced/fixed as there is some sort of defect going on here.

As of right now, Apple is silent on reports of cracked glass on Vision Pro headsets. While some users face hefty repair bills, others wait for a warranty or AppleCare resolution. This lack of response fuels concerns about its approach to potential manufacturing defects.

In addition to this, not all Vision Pro users are experiencing this issue, suggesting it might be limited to a specific batch or manufacturing process. However, this incident highlights the crucial role of robust quality control and responsive customer service in dealing with unexpected challenges.

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