Use Time Out to Schedule Breaks On Your Mac

Computer screens can cause eye strain over time. This is especially true with small, high-resolution screens like those of the MacBook/Pro/Air. The easiest way to prevent eye strain is to take a break periodically and focus on an object in the room. However, we can sometimes get so distracted by what we’re doing that we forget to take a break. Time Out brings a solution to your Mac.


Time Out can be downloaded for free here or in the Mac App Store. Time Out allows you to set a time interval between breaks. When this time has passed, Time Out will remind you that it is time for your break. Unfortunately, as seen above, the break screen can be difficult to see at times. This can be changed under Preferences by changing the background color and opacity.


Enjoy your breaks, along with your preserved eyesight!

About the Author

I am a technology enthusiast who's first major computer experience was with hacking the Sony PSP. I am an Apple Dev, and I'm currently studying Computer Programming and 3D Animation.