iPhone Battery Case: ExoGear Exolife™ For iPhone 4 [REVIEW]

Today, there are literally tons of iPhone battery packs and cases out in the market for Apple’s power hungry smartphone. And if you are an iPhone owner, you know you definitely need one of those to get you through a whole day without having to recharge. It’s true even for the iPhone 4 which supposedly has a much superior battery than its predecessors. But after a modest usage of hardly 8-10 hours, it’s battery just gives out. Luckily we got our hands on a superior case, the ExoGear Exolife™ for iPhone 4, which promises to virtually double its battery life with a touch of style and added protection at the same time. Thanks to ExoGear for sending this in for the review!



World’s thinnest and lightest iPhone battery case

Sleek polycarbonate hardshell provides protection against drops and scratches

ExoClear™ technology eliminates interference with your phone’s reception

Lithium-ion polymer battery virtually doubles the life of the iPhone

ExoSync™ provides quick and easy synching with iTunes

ExoSave™ technology automatically turns of Exolife™ when it’s not being used

Size And Power:

Dimensions: 2.44″ x 5.1″ X 0.59″

Weight: 59 grams

Battery Life: 1500 mAh

On Standby: Additional 300 hours

Talk: Additional 7 hours

Surf: Additional 6 hours

Watch: Additional 10 hours

Listen: Additional 40 hours

In The Box:

Exolife™ battery case

USB 2.0 Cable

User Manual

3-Year Limited Warranty


$89.95 at ExoGear.com



Build Quality:

When I opened up my parcel, what impressed me right away was the amazing packaging Exolife came in. And as soon I cracked open its elegant plastic case, I was certain to be holding a high-quality product. The build quality of Exolife is impressive and the design looks elegant. The case consists of a two piece body, the battery case itself and a transparent bumper to fit around the case with iPhone 4 placed inside. The case is made up of good quality polycarbonate material while the bumper is made up of clear silicon. ExoGear also provides replacement bumpers with a number of color options and are sold separately.



The best thing about Exolife’s slim design is that it hardly adds any bulk or weight to your iPhone 4 which makes you feel like you’re using a regular protective case. Till date, this actually is the thinnest and lightest battery case for iPhone 4 in the market. It has a single button at the bottom which turns the Exolife battery On or Off when you hold it for 5 seconds. When it is on and you press the same On/Off button, it will light up a bar of 4 blue LEDs located at the back of the case to indicate the amount of juice left in the battery.


The case allows easy access to the headphone jack, sleep / power button as well as to the side controls for volume up / down and silent switch. Right at the bottom, there is a USB connector for charging and syncing your iPhone 4 with the provided USB cable. The connector is covered with a rubberized plug which though attached to the case at one end, keeps popping out every now and then which is somewhat annoying. See the following image to get some idea. Other than that, I’d say the Exolife has a flawless design.


Installation & Performance:

Installation is simple. All you need to do is, slide your iPhone onto the dock connector which is attached to the polycarbonate battery case and then snap on the bumper in place to cover the iPhone’s edges. Removing the iPhone is easy too. The official website advertises Exolife’s battery to virtually double the iPhone 4’s power which is just about correct. After the initial charge of around 5 hours, the Exolife battery became full and I was able to charge my iPhone 4 from 2% to 82% with it, after which it had no more juice left and needed a second charge. Keep in mind that I was using the iPhone during the charge, checking emails and some surfing over wifi etc.


In my usage of over one week, Exogear’s claims of their 1500 mAh battery case mostly live up to be true. They promise an additional 7 hours of talk time, 6 hours of browsing the web, 40 hours of music, 10 hours of video and about 300 hours of standby time. For a battery case with a slim and sexy profile such as the Exolife, this is simply excellent performance!

Bottom Line:

Exolife is a slim, lightweight yet powerful iPhone 4 case from ExoGear. It’s a must have for all power users who want serious battery life for their iPhone to get them through a day or two without having to plug in for a recharge. Highly Recommended!




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