Apple’s Find My app is now compatible with VanMoof X3 and S3 electric bikes

Last week Apple finally announced its Find My network with support for third-party accessories. The Find My network will work even if internet connectivity is unavailable because it relies on Apple’s network of millions of devices, which will use Bluetooth to share device locations and maintain data privacy and security in the process.

One of the first products to be tested with the Find My app includes the new Belkin earbuds, Chipolo item tracker, and two electric bikes provided by VanMoof.

VanMoof X3 and S3

VanMoof X3 and S3 e-bikes now compatible with Apple’s Find My app

The editor-in-chief, Gonny van der Zwaag, for a Dutch website managed to get his hands on the new VanMoof S3 bike featuring Find My support. Given that VanMoof is based in the Netherlands, van der Zwaag was also able to interview the e-bike’s product design chief Job Stehmann regarding the company’s partnership with Apple.

Stehmann mentioned that a VanMoof engineer posted a message on an Apple developer forum that the Find My network accessory is an interesting feature, back when the Cupertino tech giant first announced its plan for the network. At that time, the tech giant was in fact looking to partner up with someone on this project, thus ending with the two companies working together with weekly meetings held on Mondays.

VanMoof Apple

Stehmann further said that the Find My integration is solely a software feature, with no special chip inside the e-bike, inserting it consumed approximately nine months for Apple and VanMoof to adjust the software to be implemented properly.

We’re always striving to provide the very best end-to-end experience for our riders and we’re so proud to introduce our Find My-enabled bikes as one of the first brands to join the Find My network accessory program, an achievement made possible by our talented in-house developers. It was an exciting opportunity that opens up new possibilities and ease of use for our riders worldwide.

The VanMoof X3 and S3 e-bike models purchased after the 7th of April will feature connectivity with the Find My app on Mac, iPad, and iPhone. This will allow users to locate the bike on a map if it goes missing. If someone loses their bike and another person carrying a Mac, iPad, or iPhone comes in close contact with it, the bike will communicate its approximate location securely and privately to that nearby available device.

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