Video Demo of XBOX 360’s Game on Demand Service

Microsoft announced at GDC 2009 that it’ll be providing digital distribution for games ala Steam for Windows. While, that hasn’t appeared on the horizon yet, we’ve been shown a demo already of XBOX 360’s Games on Demand service which was unveiled at E3. Once you’ve made sure you have enough space on your HDD, a credit card and a fast Internet connection you’re good to go. And the best thing is you can play other locally saved games while the new one is downloaded. It’s good to see Microsoft open heartedly accepting digital distribution of games, but I wonder how it’ll effect customers in an era when ISPs are shaping traffic and putting caps on Internet usage. Anyhow, keeping that aside, it’s a win win situation for the customer, specially if the game downloads aren’t restricted to regions, it’ll be guaranteed to be a hit.

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