Video of iPhone 4G/HD parts from Portugal

iPhone 4G Portugal This is getting kind of annoying but here we go again: Yet another iPhone 4G/HD leak is in the wild. This time it’s from Portugal, not Vietnam, France or the U.S. iPhone Portugal somehow got 2 copies of the Aluminum  chassis of the next-gen iPhone 4G from China. They claim that these parts were not stolen or found and were purchased by one of their readers and delivered to them.

As convincing as the legality of their purchase sounds, the parts look genuine. One thing is for certain though, these parts resemble the aluminum skeleton shown in the Macbook Pro unibody manufacturing process.

With just a week left, we’ll know for sure whether iPhone 4G/HD will look like these leaked prototypes/parts or not. Or maybe, Steve Jobs might answer this question at the D8 conference today.

[via 9to5mac]


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