Google’s move to Linux and Macs and How dumb Mac Fanboys blog about it

You must have heard how Google is moving from Windows PCs to Macs or Linux due to ‘security issues’ that Windows has. Honestly, using a 9-year-old OS such as Windows  XP, with Internet Explorer 6, is just an invite to hackers to steal your data. Using this as an excuse to dump Windows, instead of moving to Windows 7 is just negative propaganda against Microsoft.

While Google seems to be doing this, Mac fanboys are jumping up and down around the globe out of sheer excitement that Google employees would be using more Macs. One of them, over at Cultofmac, has gone so far to label ‘Windows 7’s woeful security issues’ as the main problem. This is an example of how dumb Mac fanboys blog.

According to a report in the Financial Times, Google is so fed up with Windows 7’s woeful security issues that they are now taking Redmond’s operating system by the pants seat and unceremoniously hurtling it from the building.

Interestingly, the post is also titled “Google Replacing Windows 7 Campus Computers With Macs”, which is again very misleading. Windows 7 has had a very clean security record, so after reading the above statement, it’s very obvious that John, the author of the article at CultofMac, is trying to spread FUD about it. If you go over to the Financial Times, you’ll find no mention of ‘Windows  7’. Even Financial Times have been stupid to not write Windows XP, but instead mentioned Windows, where ever needed, in the article.

I use Windows 7 and OS X daily on my iMac and I’ve been happy with both. But I can’t stand this bullshit attitude of Apple fanboys who think they can just push junk against Microsoft in their articles and get away with it.


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