Vision Pro pre-orders exceed expectations, but Kuo questions its sustained growth

Apple’s Vision Pro headset made a splash during its pre-order weekend, with impressive sales figures and a quick sell-out, but analysts, including Ming-Chi Kuo, are raising concerns about the sustainability of this momentum.

Vision Pro

180,000 units of Vision Pro sold during pre-orders by Apple, but can it maintain this momentum?

The Vision Pro headset saw an overwhelming response during its pre-order weekend, with estimates ranging from 160,000 to 180,000 units sold, surpassing initial expectations. The immediate sell-out and extended shipping times to 5-7 weeks indicated strong initial demand from Apple’s core fans and heavy users. This success positions Apple well to achieve its shipment goal of 500,000 units in 2024.

Despite the positive start, analysts like Ming-Chi Kuo express concerns about the sustained demand for the Vision Pro. Kuo highlights a deviation from the typical pattern observed with iPhones, where shipping times continue to increase after pre-orders open, signaling sustained demand. In contrast, Vision Pro’s unchanged shipping times 48 hours later raise concerns that demand might quickly taper off after the initial surge.

Vision Pro

Kuo emphasizes that the Vision Pro remains a niche product, with a target audience of Apple’s core fans and heavy users. The headset’s high price tag of $3,499 could be a barrier for many consumers, especially when more affordable alternatives are available on the market, such as Meta’s $500 Quest 3.

While reports suggest increased production efforts by supply chain partners like Luxshare, Kuo notes that there is room for improvement in Vision Pro production efficiency. The extended shipping times could be a result of limited initial stock rather than sustained high demand. Challenges in the supply chain may impact Apple’s ability to meet potential future demand.

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The Vision Pro faces potential challenges in the market, including global expansion limitations due to Sony’s production capacity constraints for the display. Additionally, the lack of support from major content providers like Netflix, Spotify, and YouTube could hinder the device’s adoption.

Apple fans eager to experience the Vision Pro can sign up for in-store demos starting February 2, providing an opportunity to evaluate the device before making a purchase decision. In addition to this, the release of visionOS 2 during WWDC 2024 is expected to enhance the user experience and address some software limitations.

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