Apple Vision Pro could benefit surgery, education and aircraft repair

Apple’s upcoming mixed-reality headset, the Vision Pro, is set to revolutionize industries beyond entertainment. With pre-orders already underway and the device launching in February, Apple executives have shared their ambitious vision for the future applications of the headset.

Apple Vision Pro - 3D apps

Applications in learning and education dubbed “another superpower of Apple Vision Pro”

As reported by Bloomberg, an internal video sent to Apple employees revealed the company’s executives, Mike Rockwell and Alan Dye, discussing the exciting possibilities for Vision Pro. One standout application highlighted was in the field of surgery. Rockwell pointed out that surgeons often face challenges viewing displays during procedures, where information is scattered. Vision Pro could consolidate this information, potentially leading to improved patient outcomes.

Beyond healthcare, Vision Pro is envisioned to play a pivotal role in education and training. Rockwell expressed enthusiasm about the device’s potential to provide technicians and aircraft mechanics with high-quality training experiences they have never had before. The headset, marketed as a consumer device, is positioned as a powerful tool for learning and education, emphasizing its utility beyond mere entertainment.

Vision Pro

An intriguing aspect leaked from the internal video is the revelation that Apple Store employees will enjoy a 25% discount on Vision Pro, signaling the company’s commitment to making the technology accessible to its staff. While the device is primarily marketed for consumer use, Apple executives foresee its adoption in various professional sectors.

Furthermore, Apple employees receive a $500 credit every three years for a Mac, which can also be applied to purchasing the Vision Pro. This employee incentive program makes it more feasible for Apple staff to integrate the mixed-reality headset into their daily lives.

The leaked video discussions indicate that Apple is actively exploring potential growth opportunities for Vision Pro. Executives Dave Scott and Yaniv Gur are tasked with finding enterprise applications and educational prospects for the headset, respectively. Scott, formerly on Apple’s car team, and Gur, who oversaw engineering for Apple’s productivity apps, highlight Apple’s strategic efforts to expand Vision Pro’s reach beyond its initial consumer-oriented marketing.

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