Watch the new Apple Watch Ads Titled Us, Up and Rise

Apple’s advertisement for Apple Watch has taken the form of new commercials titled Us, Up and Rise. The marketing campaign has been in full swing ever since the Watch was announced, in the form of fashion show and magazine appearances, celebrity endorsements of sorts and reviews from different websites but now as the shipping has started, the ads clearly showcase the main use cases for the Watch.

Watch the new Apple Watch Ads Title Us Up and Rise

The common theme in all ads is Apple Pay, Passbook, communication, quick doses of information via glances and notifications.

The first of the three ads, titled ‘Us’, shows off the watch as it would be used by friends and couples. The intimacy in communication between Watch users is clearly displayed here and might be considered cheesy by some but it is no different then how phones are used to keep in touch. The Watch being a very personal device, even more than an iPhone, brings new ways to connect, with no keyboard involved. The post-HTML Internet term is already being thrown around a lot. Perhaps this ad shows off post-keyboard communication.

‘Up’ revolved around movement and fitness. Heart rate and movement sensors are built right in and activity tracking is one of the big selling points of the Watch.

‘Rise’ is on of my favourite ads amongst the three. It showcases how the Watch integrates into users’ daily lives through out the day, starting from waking up. One cool example shows a woman using Lutron app on her Watch to turn on all the lights before she enters it.

As usual, top notch ads by Apple.

Apple has also put up the ads on their website here.


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