Check If Your Windows PC Supports Miracast

Miracast is a standard format which allows computers, tablets or smartphones to mirror its display over WiFi to compatible devices. Most new computers being shipped with Windows 10 or Windows 8.1 have support for Miracast but sometimes, due to outdates drivers, it does not work.


Here is how you can quickly check if you computer has support for Miracast or not.

  1. Open up dxdiag by searching it from Windows: miracast windows on macbook air
  2. Click on ‘Save all information’ button to extract a report of system data. Save it on a quick access location, such as your desktop.
  3. Open the file, which should normally be in notepad, and do a search for Miracast. You should get at least 3 results. The first will tell you that Miracast is available (with HDCP), likely due to built in support by Windows. The second one is which will tell you about the driver support. In my case, since I’m using Windows 10 via Bootcamp on a MacBook Air, I see the below that Miracast is not supported by WiFi driver.


In such a situation, your best bet is to go to your WiFi manufacturer’s website and download the latest drivers or just hit up Windows Update to see if there’s a newer version available. Once you update, you can try the above steps again to see if your updated driver now supports Miracast and then test it with your output device.

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