watchOS 10 wishlist: Workout app updates we want to see

The Workout app on Apple Watch offers a variety of workout genres to choose from and Workout Views to track progress. Cupertino tech giant is going to introduce the upcoming watchOS 10 at the WWDC 2023 event and we have a features wishlist for the Workout app in the new watchOS 10.

workout app Here is the Workout app features drop we expect to see in watchOS 10

In watchOS 9, users can start running, swimming, cycling, multisport triathlon, core, mixed cardio, and many many more session in the Workout app. They can also set goals for each workout session like time, distance, pacer, calories, and others.

Having said that, the app is missing a few improvements to further enhance users’ experience on their fitness journey.

Improved “New” button to queue more workouts in a single session

A workout session does not always includes a single workout type like running, swimming, core training, or cycling. If you are anything like me, you would start with cardio, move on to core training, then a walk or any other combo of different workout types.

Although Apple allows users to add more workouts in a single session without ending it, the button becomes functional after a couple of minutes when on watchOS 9.

Work out. To add another type of workout without ending your session, open the Workout app, swipe right, then tap the New button the plus icon.

If you swipe right in the Workout app while a workout session is in progress, you will see a grey “New” button in the beginning, and later becomes functional. That is a problem because it takes time and attention to add more workouts once the session has started.

Apple Watch - workout app

Therefore, an improved “New” button in watchOS 10 which lets users queue different workout types before starting a session. This feature will be very useful as it will allow users to easily transition from one workout type to the next without stopping.

Apple Watch - workout app

Ability to calculate the time of 0.5 distance in runs

The Workout app calculates the time it takes to run 1 kilometer or 1 mile but the app does not calculate quarter or half miles. If you ran 2.5 miles, it will show the time it took to run each mile but for the 0.5 mile, the app shows its time as an average of mile 3.

As a runner, I gradually increase my distance. I started with running 1 mile, then increased it to 1.5 miles, and like that, I kept on adding 0.5 mile in the run till I could comfortably run 2.5 miles in a single session.

If the Workout app gains to ability to record a quarter or half of a mile, it will help runners like me track their progress better.

Personalized suggestions to manage heart rate

Heart rate is an important metric during a workout session. On Apple Watch, it is directly proportionate to the calorie count in the app, the higher the heart rate the more calories are burned. 

But it is not possible to maintain a higher rate throughout the session and once the heart rate drops, fewer calories are burnt or recorded.

In watchOS 10, the Workout app should add a new feature to show personalized suggestions to manage a healthy heart rate during a workout session. 

Workout app

Fitness suggestions to improve performance

More than any other purpose, Apple Watch is viewed as a health and fitness tracking device. Thanks to Apple’s integrated ecosystem, users’ data from the Fitness app is curated in the Acitivty app and Health app so they can monitor their progress.

It will be helpful for users if the Workout app uses the data from the Health app and Activity app to push personalized fitness-related suggestions in watchOS 10 so users can stay motivated and improve their performance.

For example, fitness suggestions can be about water intake, how long after a meal to start a workout, types of meals, suggesting to take a recovery day, suitable fitness activities during the menstruation cycle, and others. 

If you wish you see other new features in watchOS 10, let us know in the comments.

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