watchOS 8.3 beta 4 is now available to developers

Apple has released watchOS 8.3 beta 4 to developers. The update is available over the air for developers who have the beta profile installed on their Apple Watch.

watchOS 8.3

What’s new in watchOS 8.3 beta 4?

December 2: Release notes for the fourth watchOS 8.3 beta do not mention any new changes. We will update this post if we find any new user-facing changes.

What’s new in watchOS 8.3 beta 3?

November 16: The new beta is now available for developers but the release notes do not mention any new changes.

What’s new in watchOS 8.3 beta 2?

November 9: The new update contains one fix for developers:

Subscriptions no longer continue to auto-renew after calling expireSubscription(productIdentifier:) in automated tests using StoreKit Test.

What’s new in watchOS 8.3 beta?

The release notes only mention a few fixes for developers. Apple has not shared any new features in the release notes so it is too early to say what has changed. We will be going through the update find details and will update this post if any noticeable changes are found.

Is your Apple Watch compatible with watchOS 8.3?

watchOS 8.1 is compatible with the following models.

How to install watchOS 8.3 beta on Apple Watch?

It goes without saying that the average user should not attempt to install watchOS 8.3 beta on Apple Watch. If something goes wrong, there is no way to restore an Apple Watch back to a working condition, unlike an iPhone or iPad.

If you are a developer or an enthusiast, you can sign up to Apple Developer Center for $99/year, or get the profile from Reddit. Download the beta profile using your paired iPhone by opening its link in Safari. When iOS asks you, install the profile on your Apple Watch. Once installed, go to Settings > General > Software Update and wait for watchOS 8.1 to show up. Place your Apple Watch on its charger and don’t remove it until the update is complete.

Enjoy testing the new beta!

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