watchOS 9.5 turns display green/ gray on compatible Apple Watch models

Last week, Apple released watchOS 9.5 to the public including a new Pride Celebration watch face and several bug fixes. 

Several users have now reported a tint bug in watchOS 9.5 which has turned the display of their smartwatch from black to green or gray.

bug-watchOS 9.5

watchOS 9.5 tint bug even affects Apple Watch Ultra

watchOS 9.5 is compatible with Apple Watch Series 4 and later models, including Apple Watch SE (1st and 2nd generation). Equipped with an OLED screen, the Apple Watch display has a black interface with different levels of black for the Home Screen, notifications, and Control Center.

According to users’ complaints on Reddit, Apple Watch display discoloration appeared after being updated to watchOS 9.5. For some users, the display is green and for others, it is gray or a slightly lighter tone of black. Furthermore, the tint is most noticeable in Notifications, Lock Screen, and Control Center screens and affects Apple Watch Series 8, Apple Watch Ultra, and earlier models.

@Filippo_Mazza wrote:

Are we really sure it’s a feature? My series 4 looks like this in the notification center, lock screen and control center (it’s ok everywhere else and it was normal right until i updated yesterday)

bug-watchOS 9.5

@exgokin reported:

I do see mine is slightly lighter than the normal black background…but mine isn’t as noticeable as others. If it wasn’t brought up…I wouldn’t have noticed it.

bug-watchOS 9.5

As the notifications screen is translucent and reflects the background, some users suggested that the tint might be caused by a watch face. But @Filippo_Mazza, the originator of the Reddit thread on the issue, said that “To take the picture i set my most minimal watch face, which is like the one that shows when you have it in power save, but white, so just the hour in numbers top right, everything else in black.”

Currently, not everyone is affected by the bug but a considerable number of users are and unfortunately, a reboot does not fix the issue. It is likely Apple is going to release new updates soon because an iOS 16.5 bug broke the Apple Lighting to USB 3 Camera Adapter. 

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