Webex app soon coming to Apple TV: A new era of hybrid work collaboration

Cisco announced on October 24, 2023, that the Webex app will soon be available for download on the Apple TV App Store. This will allow users to join and participate in Webex meetings on the big screen using their TV.

Webex for Apple TV

How Webex on Apple TV can revolutionize hybrid work collaboration

According to Cisco’s announcement, the Webex app will provide users with a new level of flexibility and convenience, allowing them to join and participate in Webex meetings on their TV screen from anywhere in the home or office. It has several benefits including:

  • Larger screen: Webex meetings on a TV screen can provide a more immersive experience for participants, especially when sharing content. This can be particularly beneficial for presentations, training sessions, and team meetings where it is important to see everyone clearly and be able to share visuals effectively.
  • Better audio and video: Apple TV devices have high-quality audio and video capabilities, which can improve the overall meeting experience. This is important for ensuring that everyone can be heard and seen clearly, even in large meetings.
  • Wireless connectivity: Webex supports wireless connectivity to Apple TV devices, so users can easily join meetings without having to connect any cables. This makes it easy to use Webex on Apple TV in any setting, whether it is a home office, conference room, or living room.
  • Continuity Camera support: With Continuity Camera support in tvOS 17, Webex users can wirelessly connect their iPhone or iPad to Apple TV 4K and leverage the device’s camera and microphone to participate in meetings. This provides users with even more flexibility and convenience, as they can use their preferred device for audio and video without having to connect any additional equipment.

Webex for Apple TV 4K

In addition, Webex also offers a number of features that are specifically designed to support hybrid work collaboration. For example, Webex users can use their Apple TV to join meetings directly from their calendars, and they can also use their Apple TV remote to control the meeting experience, such as muting and unmuting themselves, sharing content, and turning on and off their cameras.

The integration of Webex with Apple TV is a significant development that is poised to transform the hybrid work landscape. By providing users with a new level of flexibility and convenience, Webex on Apple TV can help teams to collaborate more effectively and efficiently, regardless of where they are located.


Cisco has not yet announced a specific release date, but they have stated that the Webex app will be available soon.

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