WhatsApp to block screenshots for “View Once” media on iOS and Android

To improve users’ privacy, WhatsApp for iOS will block screenshots for “View Once” images and videos. The feature was found by WABetaInfo in the latest WhatsApp beta version iOS and is also released on Android.

In 2021, WhatsApp released the ‘View Once’ feature for iOS and Android that allows users to share photos that disappear after viewing once like Snapchats. As permanent pictures take up alot of space and clutter the photos library, the media shared via ‘View Once’ enables users to have express conversations like sharing their meals or recipes, Wi-Fi passwords current location, shopping for the right chair, and much more.


However, unlike Snapchat, the app does not notify the sender if the receiver took a screenshot or screen recorded the ‘View Once’ media at the time of launch which raised privacy concerns, and users were advised to be cautious of who they share photos and videos with.

WhatsApp to block screenshots and screen recordings of “View Once” images and videos

In a future update, WhatsApp will add new protection to block screenshots and screen recordings of “View Once” images and videos. As seen in the shared screenshots of the upcoming feature, alert messages will appear on the screen if a receiver tried to capture the “View Once” media.

  • This screenshot was blocked for added privacy.
  • This screen recording was blocked for added privacy.

whatsapp view once

The report details that screenshots and screen recordings of “View Once” images and videos are blocked by default. Attempts to take screenshots and screen records are always blocked but are not notified. And ‘View Once’ media can not be forwarded, exported, or saved.

However, users still need to be cautious because screenshots of the chat can be captured.

  • You can still take a screenshot of a conversation since this feature is limited to viewing once images and videos.
  • People may still use a secondary mobile device to get these messages so you should always be careful when sending view once images and videos.

The new privacy feature is expected to launch in the coming weeks on WhatsApp for iOS and Android.

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