WhatsApp is rolling out new feature that allows users to rejoin group calls

WhatsApp will roll out a new feature next week that will allow users to join ongoing group calls. The new feature is expected to arrive on both Android and iOS devices.

The update will also bring a new call info screen that lets users see the participants on the call including the invited users who have not joined the call. Prior to this, if users missed call notifications, then they had to ask the call host to add them again.


WhatsApp will roll out a new feature next week that allows users to join missed group calls

The new feature lets the user decide when they want to join the group call. This also allows users to exit and reenter an ongoing call. The feature is end-to-end encrypted, and private just like your personal chats on WhatsApp.

The new feature holds a maximum number of eight members who can video call each other over WhatsApp. When a user receives a group call, the group video call screen will show the members currently participating in the call, and the first contact will be the member who added you to the call. If a user misses a group video call, then the call will appear in the Calls tab. If the call is ongoing, then you can join in the middle as well!

WhatsApp rejoinable group calls

When receiving an invite to a group call, 2 options will appear: Join and Ignore. Selecting Join will connect you to the call there and choosing Ignore will send the call to your Calls tab.

Given the situation since 2020 due to COVID-19, this feature is very useful for those people who communicate over the messaging service. This way they will not have to wait to receive another invitation to join the call. The feature works similar to that of Zoom or Google Meet calls. The new feature will arrive with a WhatsApp update and is expected to start rolling out on Monday.

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