WhatsApp improves image editing with AI-powered tools, currently in beta

WhatsApp, the leading messaging platform under Meta’s umbrella, is gearing up to roll out groundbreaking generative AI image-editing features. This move aligns with Meta’s broader strategy of integrating advanced AI capabilities across its ecosystem, including Facebook and Instagram.

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WhatsApp prioritizes privacy in its AI image editing

The upcoming update is expected to transform how users interact with images on WhatsApp, introducing innovative features such as restyling images, text-to-image backgrounds, and expanding picture backgrounds. These additions are expected to add a new level of creativity and personalization to users’ media-sharing experiences, enhancing the platform’s appeal significantly.

Meta’s commitment to harnessing AI for image manipulation has been evident in earlier rollouts across its platforms. Now, WhatsApp is following suit, signaling Meta’s dedication to delivering a seamless and enriched user experience across its range of services.


Insiders familiar with the development have shared insights about the latest beta variant of WhatsApp, which offers glimpses of these AI-driven enhancements. Options like Backdrop, Restyle, and Expand within the image editor window promise a significant leap forward in WhatsApp’s functionality.

Backdrop functionality allows users to transform text-based prompts into captivating background images, while Restyle offers the ability to modify images with visual effects based on text prompts. The Expand option enables users to seamlessly enlarge images, enhancing their visual appeal directly within the app.

While the full functionality of these AI-powered editing tools is yet to be unveiled, their integration into WhatsApp’s beta version has already sparked excitement among WhatsApp users.

Despite the anticipation surrounding these AI-driven editing tools, challenges such as data privacy concerns and algorithmic bias must be carefully navigated. WhatsApp’s focus on innovation while ensuring user privacy and security remains essential in its development roadmap.

In addition to image editing, WhatsApp is also prioritizing compliance with regulatory requirements such as the EU’s Digital Markets Act (DMA), which mandates interoperability with third-party chat apps. This underscores the company’s ongoing efforts to evolve as a comprehensive and user-centric messaging platform.

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