WhatsApp’s new message pinning feature enables users to easily organize chats

Meta’s popular instant messaging platform, WhatsApp, has unveiled a new feature that allows users to pin messages within individual and group chats. This update builds upon the existing functionality of pinning contacts, ensuring crucial information remains readily accessible within conversations.

WhatsApp's new message pinning

WhatsApp introduces pinning and timers for messages in individual chats and groups

The latest update from WhatsApp allows users to pin not only contacts but also specific messages within chats and groups. Users can now highlight important messages, whether they are text, polls, images, or emojis, and keep them prominently displayed at the top of their conversations.

To pin a message in a 1:1 chat, users can long-press on the desired message and select the “pin” option from the context menu. In group chats, admins can decide whether any member or only admins can pin messages. Every time a message is pinned, group members receive notifications indicating the action and the person responsible for pinning it. New group members joining after a message is pinned won’t have visibility, ensuring a streamlined experience.

WhatsApp's new message pinning

A unique feature of this update is the ability to set a timer for pinned messages. Users can choose from three durations: 24 hours, 7 days (default), and 30 days. This flexibility ensures that users have control over how long a specific message remains at the top of the chat.

The pinning feature proves to be particularly useful in various scenarios. For instance, users can pin important addresses when planning to meet friends, and in group chats, essential information about events or rules can be easily accessible. WhatsApp’s move aligns it with competitors like Telegram and iMessage, both of which already offer message pinning in individual and group chats.

While WhatsApp is now catching up with competitors like Telegram and iMessage, it remains to be seen if the pinned messages feature will extend to other features like Channels. Meta’s ongoing efforts to make WhatsApp a go-to platform in the United States involve introducing new features, such as disappearing voice messages, which further enhance user privacy.

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