WhatsApp to introduce usernames for added privacy

The popular messaging platform WhatsApp is working on a new username feature that aims to provide users with an additional layer of protection when adding new contacts. 

Currently, WhatsApp requires users to share their phone numbers when someone wants to add them as a contact, even when using the QR code method. However, it appears that WhatsApp has recognized the need for more discretion in certain situations.


WhatsApp’s upcoming feature will allow you to keep your phone number private from contacts

As reported by WaBetaInfo, WhatsApp beta for Android contains a new field for usernames. This suggests that the platform may soon allow users to select usernames for their accounts – similar to the functionality offered by Telegram. 

As of right now, the feature is still under development so it is unclear how usernames will function once they are made available to all users. However, we can assume that they will enable users to communicate with others by entering a username rather than having to share their phone number.

WhatsApp usernames

The ability to protect phone numbers when engaging with particular accounts, such as businesses, is one potential use for this functionality. Users can communicate in confidence while maintaining a higher level of privacy by using usernames. Additionally, it is hoped that this functionality will enable more private chats among users as a whole.

WhatsApp has been on a roll as of late, launching several exciting new features. For example, users are now able to edit sent messages, allowing them to quickly fix mistakes or typos. The platform also launched a Chat Lock feature which strengthens the security of chats by requiring authorization to access the app. In addition, WhatsApp has met the demands of users who use numerous devices by enabling them to utilize the same account on other phones, a feature that was eagerly anticipated by many.


However, one notable absence from the lineup of features is an iPad app. While WhatsApp continues to expand its capabilities, iPad users are still left waiting for a dedicated application tailored to their devices.

It can take some time before the username function is made accessible to both Android and iOS users because it is still under development. Make sure to check back in with us for more news about WhatsApp as it continues to develop and improve its platform.

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