White Diamonds Make Your iPhone or iPad Raise the Bar for Fashion Statements [Apple]

If you thought you couldn’t flaunt your iPad or iPhone enough already to show you are able to buy one here’s a new way to make your iOS device shine out from the rest. And what shines the most? Diamonds! White Diamonds is a company that specializes in customizing your Apple device with Swarovski Elements.

White Diamonds

Some people, who want their iOS device to look unique, because lets face it, all of them look the same, this is an excellent product. As good as the idea sounds, you can bet it’s expensive.  So, if you think you can afford these designs, it’s time you throw out your normal iPhone cases/bumpers away and suit your Apple phone up!

White Diamonds is available in Europe and coming soon to U.S. White Diamonds on iPhone

The iPhone Blog were at their booth at CES, check out their tour of White Diamonds’ stall below:

[via TiPb]

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