Will Apple succeed in ruining Windows 7 launch party by releasing Mac OS update


A couple of days back, Apple announced its Magic Mouse. Later on, it was discovered in theĀ  Magic Mouse user guide, that the upcoming Mac OS 10.6.2 will have built-in features for the Magic Mouse. This news got my attention and I just wondered will Apple be releasing Mac 10.6.2 on 22nd October in an attempt to take people’s attention away from Windows 7 launch event? If there were any doubts regarding the arrival date for Mac 10.6.2, all of them can be put aside as 9to5Mac reports that the OS update appears bug free (as per the test results) and looks all set to arrive today.

This raises a question which is, if Apple releases the Mac OS update, how much impact will it have, if any, on the Windows 7 launch event. There can be more than one answer to this question. One potential answer would be Yes, it would have an impact (but not a significant one) based on two reasons. First the latest Mac update will enable users to use the Magic Mouse and secondly it will put an end to data loss bug that Snow Leopard had.

The other way to look at this situation is this: Mac 10.6.2 is just an update that fixes a certain number of bugs whereas , Windows 7 is basically a complete OS released by Microsoft which promises a lot.

What to do you think regarding this matter? Do provide us with your feedback on this topic.