Live Coverage of Windows 7 Launch in New York

Windows 7

The day is upon us! The world’s best operating system by Microsoft, Windows 7 will be launched today on 22nd October, 2009. After the negative reception of Windows Vista, Microsoft has really come back hard at the competitors and you can imagine the linuxes and snow cats of the world jumping for cover. Windows 7 is already blowing away the competition by creating records on Amazon and other stores!

The launch event for Windows 7 will be held in New York City and the live coverage starts at 11 am ( check your time zone ). Steve Ballmer (CEO Microsoft) and Steven Sinofsky (President, Windows Division) will be hosting the event. A lot of high profile journalists and bloggers are present in New York for the event at the moment and from the looks of their Tweets, they are are enjoying themselves!

The excitement is already visible by the reactions pouring from different social networks and media such as Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Blogs and Flickr, in the mash up specially created by Microsoft for Windows 7 Launch. It can be seen here. Windows 7 has also been a trending topic on Twitter since yesterday. Windows 7 Social

The reactions so far have been amazingly positive from everyone! You can even spot Mac users lining up to buy Windows 7 in the social stream. The launch of Windows 7 is being accompanied by the opening of the first Microsoft Store too.

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