Microsoft releases Windows 7 Product Guide

Microsoft releases Windows 7 Product Guide

Microsoft has made available the Windows 7 Product Guide. With the recent launch of Windows 7, some users would be looking for a concise guide that helps them in understanding what Windows 7 has to offer in terms of features and how it can be fruitful for their business. Windows 7 Product guide represents Microsoft’s efforts in that direction. It is available in both XPS and PDF version.

The good thing about this book is that, it discusses different features Windows 7 offers without using much technical jargon. It comprises of three major sections which are:

  • Introduction – Describes how Microsoft designed Windows 7, what editions of Windows 7 are available and what is new.
  • Windows 7 for You – Goes over features in Windows 7 that, simplify everyday tasks, works the way you want, and makes new things possible.
  • Windows 7 for IT Professionals – Explains how Windows 7 can make people productive anywhere, manage risk though enhanced security and control, and reduce costs by streamlining PC management.¬† This section also has an overview of the Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack to help you learn about how this set of applications can help you get to a more managed and optimized desktop.

Download Windows 7 Product Guide

Microsoft releases Windows 7 Product Guide


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