iPhone 4G may get a larger Sim Card Tray


Engadget has come up with a latest rumor related to Apple products. According to the rumor, there is a new Sim Card Tray being developed for the upcoming Apple product. The new product might be named iPhone 4G or iTablet, we don’t know what will be the ultimate name for the rumored product. 

The new Sim Card Tray is believed to be a product of Foxconn, which is rumored to be the Apple Tablet manufacturer. Sim Card Tray costs $14 .05. The new Sim Card tray happens to be larger in size in comparison to the Sim Card Tray for iPhone 3G which suggests that the new Sim Card Tray might be used with iTablet.  So what do you think, will Apple be using the new Sim Card Tray for  iTablet or iPhone 4G. Do share with us what you think.