96 awesome themes for Windows 7!

A lot of people came to this blog in search of themes for Windows 7 in the early days. I still get a lot of requests for customs themes but it’s difficult to get much time for new ones. Therefore, to honor the Windows 7 launch, I’ve created a list of 96 themes created by me and my friends as well as official ones by Microsoft for the best operating system in the world!

The first 22 Windows 7 Themes I had created have been downloaded more than 1 million times to date. Thanks for all the downloads! If you still haven’t gotten your hands on them, they can be downloaded here.

The 7 Series Logo Themes are based on the wallpapers that had the Windows 7 official logo. They look amazing, especially if you’ve just started using Windows 7 or if you’re demoing it at an event or to friends.

Start Windows 7 Theme was made a few days ago with the new start button generator for Windows Mobile.

Bing Theme for Windows 7 is also loved by all. I made a wallpaper for Bing myself and added custom startup and shutdown sounds. Some of you loved the wallpaper, so I made it available as a separate download too.

There was no theme for Bing when I created this, but now Microsoft has 12 featured themes for Windows 7 including Bing’s Best.

Microsoft also has 20 International themes on the same page.

My friend Manan from BeingManan has also created lots of Windows 7 themes. Check them out below:

4 Windows 98 Plus Themes

2 OS X Snow Leopard Themes

Asia Theme Pack

Windows 7 Bliss

My good friend Taimur from Redmond Pie also created lots of themes which can be seen and downloaded below:

15 Ultimate Windows 7 Theme Pack

4 Michael Jackson Themes

3 OS X Snow Leopard Themes

Another good friend of mine, Umair Khan Jadoon has created 4 good looking Windows 7 Themes.

If you are already using Windows 7, personalize it with all these great themes!

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