Windows 10X will come to single-screen laptops first, Microsoft’s Chief Product Officer confirms

Microsoft revealed on Monday that it is planning on shifting Windows 10X development focus to single screen devices rather than dual-screen devices. Windows 10X is a new version of Windows 10 for foldable PC experiences in dual and single screen configurations. It will features a new user interface, built with modern technologies and an adaptive user experience that can adjust depending on the form-factor of your device.

Panos Panay, the Chief Product Officer for Windows and Devices, shared in a blog post that the team is continuing to look for the right moment, in conjunction with their OEM partners, to bring dual-screen devices to users.
“With Windows 10X, we designed for flexibility, and that flexibility has enabled us to pivot our focus toward single-screen Windows 10X devices that leverage the power of the cloud to help our customers work, learn and play in new ways.”, he says.
Windows 10X
Source: The Verge
The company is focusing on single-screened devices because millions of people are isolated in their homes due to the COVID-19 virus. There is a 75% year-over-year increase in time spent in Windows 10 as more people turn towards their laptops or PCs.
“The world is a very different place than it was last October when we shared our vision for a new category of dual-screen Windows devices,”

What improvements will Windows 10X have?

Panay also shared in his blog that the company is going to share how it will reduce complexity for developers by making it simpler than ever to build for all 1 billion Windows 10 devices. It is unclear what kind of improvements Microsoft will bring to single screened devices besides UI/UX improved and modernization.
Earlier, Microsoft released an emulator for Windows 10X, allowing a first look at the new OS. It was to provide developers with a head start for optimizing apps before device launch, providing a basic look at the operating system before it is finalized.
However, Microsoft did not exactly announce a time frame for when users can expect to get their hands on Windows 10X. Microsoft’s might share more information during its Build conference, which starts on May 19 and will be hosted virtually.
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