Windows 7 build 7057 New User Account Pictures

User Account Images Windows 7 build 7057 has some cool new user account images. They are really attractive and worth trying out. You can download them all right here.


Windows 7 is Microsoft’s latest desktop operating system, currently in beta testing. It is being referred to as the update that will fix all the issues that Windows Vista had. While it will not be a free upgrade for Windows Vista users, it will be a much-needed update for Windows users. Windows 7 will ship with user interface enhancements, performance improvements and more. It will have the same number of SKUs as Vista.

The major improvements in Windows 7 will be improved performance on multi-core processors, faster boot, DirectAccess, support for virtual hard disks, an updated Windows Media Center, and many updated built-in apps. The start bar will get a major make over, which should improve productivity. Window management will also be improved thanks to a new snap feature which lets users fix windows to either side of the desktop for multitasking. New libraries will also make file management and sharing easier.

With all the new features, a few built-in apps will be removed from Windows 7 which includes Utimate Extras, Photo Gallery, Movie Maker, Calendar and Mail apps. These will ship separately as part of Windows Live Essentials.

From a beta user’s perspective, I am certain that Windows 7 is shaping up to be a great desktop operating system. While it can’t undo the damage that Vista did to Microsoft’s image and userbase, it shows that Microsoft is willing to learn from its mistakes and fix them for future users. Windows 7 is on track to be released to the general public before the end of this year and it will definitely be a must have update for Vista as well as Windows XP users.

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