Windows 7 Family Pack Anytime Upgrade prices leaked

Ed Bott has found out the prices for Windows 7 Family Pack upgrade which was just recently discovered by Kristan Kenney in the EULA of a recent Windows 7 build. Ed found some product listings on Expercom where it has been priced at $136.95. University IT Computer Sales also had the same product up on their website, but pulled it off later. The Google Cache of that website shows the price to be $144.95.

Windows 7 Anytime Upgrade Family Pack

Apple provides a Family Pack for five licenses at $199, so the pricing for three licenses by Microsoft for Windows 7 Home Premium seems justified. The pricing plan seems rather cheap and goes well with the aggressive pricing strategy of Microsoft that they announced earlier this year.

Keep in mind that the Family Pack hasn’t been officially announced, and neither the pricing, so this could be different when officially announced.

What do you think? Do you like the Family Pack upgrade pricing by Microsoft?

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