Microsoft’s New Laptop Hunters Ad – Matt and Olivia get an HP dv7 for $700

Finally, after a long time we’ve gotten our hands on a new Laptop Hunters ad. This time Matt and Olivia are searching for a laptop with a large screen, long battery life and the ability to share pictures at a price of $700. The Mac comes into play once again and it gets a taunt this time that ‘it’s too small’ and costs $1000. I can imagine most Apple users wouldn’t be happy at such a comment targeted towards them. ;)

Predictably, it turns out to be a PC, the HP dv7 and it does meet all their expectations in the end. It even contains Windows Live Photo Gallery for their picture sharing needs, although it’s a free downloadable software. They end it with ‘We’re a PC, because we can share photos with this little guy’.

After all, users expect more from their PCs than just a browser you know. ;)

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