Windows Live Freebies

Windows Live Freebies enhance your Messenger experience by providing free theme packs, emoticons, imagewinks, messenger backgrounds and a desktop screensaver as well ( which wont run in messenger  though ). All of these are free, and monthly updates are promised on the site. So, get in the holiday mood by downloading exclusive content from Windows Live and celebrate like wild! Happy Holidays!


Microsoft recently released the latest version of Windows Live Essentials¬†¬†set of desktop applications which allow you to connect with your friends and your social community. It contains apps such as Windows Live Messenger for instant messaging, Windows Live Mail for hotmail and POP3/IMAP email access, Windows Live Writer for blogging (best blogging software ever!), a browser toolbar ( who really uses this anymore? ) and much more. Microsoft is really pushing hard to make Windows Live a popular brand. They’ve been facing tough competition from Google recently as their services like Gmail, Google Docs, Calendar, Talk and so on have been really giving a tough time to Microsoft. If you ask us, Gmail simply blows away Hotmail ( and even the new Windows Live Hotmail ) out of the water.

Also, Microsoft, what’s up with the long names? Windows Live Hotmail really sounds awful.

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