Re-enable iPhone and iPod Touch Jailbreak in OS X 10.5.6

If you updated your OS X to 10.5.6, Jailbreak, the iPhone unlocking tool would have stopped working. The guys over at Hackintosh forums provided a very easy fix for this. First, you’ll need to download the package. The rest of the procedure is fairly simple and straightforward, thanks to the easy pictorial guide made by volkspost over at Hackintosh forums.


Now you will be able to run Jailbreak on your iMacs, Macbooks and Macbook pros without any problem.

Jailbreaking lets you run unsigned code on your iPhone or iPod Touch so you can run tweaks and apps which Apple would never allow to be officially available in the App Store. It lets you install unofficial app stores such as Cydia where you can greatly enhance the experience of your iPhone or iPod Touch through tweaks such as multi-tasking, folders, stacks and a lot more.

Obviously, Apple doesn’t like this and they keep combating this by releasing iPhone OS updates as well as updated to OS X which should give jailbreakers issues or not allow it altogether, but the jailbreaking community is always one step ahead of Apple.

Happy Jailbreaking! and Happy Holidays!

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