How Steve Ballmer sold Windows 1.0!

That’s right. It’s Steve Ballmer, the CEO of Microsoft selling Windows 1.0 back then. He was still as enthusiastic about Microsoft as he is now. I wonder if he was reading those lines or had memorized them. He didn’t go ‘developers, developers’ either. But, great marketing!

He also took a shot at selling Vista. He was featured in the I’m a PC campaign.


Here’s another video which is older than the most recent hulk like developers shout out he did. Watch how he claps as he chants it and gets the audience going with him. I do not have much information on when it was recorded, so do share it with me if you know.

And, you know you want to. You can never have enough of this Youtube Classic.

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  1. Those were other ages, when you gotta make an ad to sell software, now Windows sells itself. I’m a PC a I love Microsoft company. “Developers, developers, developers, …” I’m proud of being a developer. This guy is too crazy, and shows his love for Microsoft, if i work for it, i’d love it so much more.

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