Windows Live Messenger Upgrade

2541.Wlm_5F00_logoic_5F00_6E5C2B71Starting 25th August, Windows Live Messenger has begun an upgrade process, prompting users with version 8.1, 8.5 and 14.0 to upgrade to the newest version of Windows Live Messenger. This process will take several weeks to complete.

If you’re using version 8.1 or 8.5, then your upgrade will lead you to many new features and a whole new look. If you’re using version 14.0, then your upgrade will go without any visible changes and you will only receive a code fix.

To find out what version of Windows Live Messenger you have, go to the Help Menu and select About Messenger. You can either wait to be prompted to upgrade to the newer version or you can download it here. If you have anything lower than version 14.0.8089 then you will need an upgrade. Users are encouraged to upgrade now or when prompted because they will be unable to sign in from an older version once the upgrade process has completed.

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