Windows Phone 7 Series handset confirmed by HTC by the end of this year!

Finally after all the rumors and wait, it’s been confirmed by HTC’s CEO himself that they’re going to release a Windows Phone 7 Series powered handset by the end of this year, could this handset probably be the much hyped about HD3?


In an interview, HTC CEO Peter Chou said that they would be manufacturing a Windows Phone 7 Series handset by the end of this year. HTC has a very good record of being very loyal to Microsoft’s software and OS, so it’s quite obvious that they would be releasing a WP7S handset sooner or later.

HTC has done an awesome job with their android handsets and it seems they would be pushing the roadmap even further with their WP7S handsets, but the question is; is the handset going to be the rumored HD3? let’s wait till it’s release and find out ourselves.


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  2. A windows 7 series cell phone? Jesus!! that phone will have a much more advanced operating system than my home computer:))

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