World’s First Facebook Phone By INQ: Hands On! [VIDEO]

INQ Mobile, the makers of INQ1, the world’s first Social Mobile to integrate email, IM and social networking into a handset in an intuitive way, are planning to launch the first ever Android based Facebook phone. The handset will be named INQ Cloud Touch, whose pre-production version was given a hands on demonstration by INQ channel manager Andrew Bennet, exclusively to TechCrunch TV. The video shows main features of the phone demonstrating how you can flip through the latest status updates, photos and videos and bring up media from the underlying links in an intuitive Flipboard fashion.


As posted by TechCruch:

Along the top are four Facebook buttons: People, Events, Notifications, and Places. The People button shows you the feeds of your closest friends as determined by Facebook’s Open Graph API. It’s like a friends and family circle on a mobile calling plan, except it shows you the feeds of your “top” friends, which you can swipe through. The phone also ingests all the details it can about your Facebook friends into the local address book so you have one unified social address book.

The Events button pulls all your Facebook events such as birthdays and whatnot into Google Calendar. Notifications keeps you up to speed on your latest Facebook friend requests and messages, and Places lets you check into restaurants, bars, and shops. Along the bottom, there is button that pulls up Facebook Chat (the old chat, not the new unified messaging system), and the familiar mobile grid icon that pulls up all the main menu page of the underlying Facebook app.

Oh, and there’s one more thing that has nothing to do with Facebook. INQ replaced the native Android music player with Spotify.

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[via TechCrunch]

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