Xbox 360 firmware update is here, brings USB storage support

Last time we informed you about an update which would enable the Xbox 360 to support USB storage, it’s here now and has been officially released for the public.


The update will enable every user to use their USB drive with the Xbox 360 and save game profiles and a lots of other things. The size limit the Xbox is going to support for now is 16GB – that doesn’t sound much but that’s quite enough for a ton of saves. If you still feel odd about using your own trusty USB drive with the Xbox, thinking maybe it won’t make the Xbox look good, then there’s a solution for that as well. Like we previously said that SanDisk would be launching Xbox branded USB drives, you can grab one of these from Amazon’s website for a whooping price of $34.99 for the 8GB model although you’re better off using your own USB if you want to save some hard earned cash. You should be prompted for the update any time soon, so don’t feel raged if you don’t get the notification. [via Engadget]

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